"an impressive fable about the loss of innocence and the consequent descent into hell.' 

Mal Peet, The Guardian


‘Terrific discussions of faith, love and finding your place in the world.’ 

Lorna Bradbury, Telegraph


"This small novel about young lovers Luc and Arianne packs in the big subjects of love, first sex, betrayal, resistance and military atrocity.' 

Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times


"Lyrical, moving and important" 

Lucy Christopher


"Poignant, gut-wrenching and beautifully written" 

Anthony McGowan


‘Simply a wonderful story – characters who wind themselves into your heart and a backdrop of one of the most shocking pieces of history – how I wish this book had been around when I was becoming a teenager!’ 

Wendy Cooling, children's book consultant, author and founder of Bookstart


A beautiful and bittersweet love story ... The absolute romance of first love is touchingly captured and made all the more poignant by the terrible circumstance in which it arises.' 

Julia Eccleshare,


'A historical story of love and war which is compelling, challenging and highly engaging ... This uncompromising exploration of what people will do – not just ‘for love’ but for jealousy, hatred and fear – is immensely readable – Farrant’s dialogue was, for me, especially successful, often terse and charged ... This is a gripping story as much of war as of love.' 

Armadillo Magazine


‘[V]ivid and heart-wrenching’ Linda Lawlor, The Bookbag


'An exceptionally haunting love story' UKYA Book Blog


'It is a rare occasion were you get a phenomenally written World War young adult novel with fantastic characters and plot that also gives you a passion to learn about World War history'

Writer on Wheels Blog


’The imagery is so vivid it makes me feel like I'm actually in the novel, feeling the rollercoaster of emotions … What I loved about this novel was how real it is. Natasha doesn't shy away from the brutality of war and how it changes people.’


‘This is a story of young love draped against the backdrop of World War 2 and the French Resistance that will very likely leave your heart in tatters ... The Things We Did for Love is a book I’d give to someone to show them the highs and lows of the human condition and how love can be cruel and kind all at once.’


‘Brilliant novel which delicately and cleverly discusses an essential area of European history’


‘I loved its final twist’

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