There is no friend as loyal as a book.

Ernest Hemingway


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Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror

OUT NOW IN PAPERBACK! EIGHT BRAND NEW PRINCESS STORIES, for readers who like princesses to do the rescuing themselves!   An enchantress' mirror travels through time and from east to west to answer the question: what makes a princess excellent? Eight curious, empowered girls have the answer. These princesses fight knights, sail the high seas, rescue crocodiles and save communities, with never a prince in sight.   Zephyr Books, September 2019 Paperback, March 2020 US edition: May 2020 (WWNorton)   Rights sold: Audio: WF Howes Catalan: La Galera Denmark: Rosinante Italy: Piemme Korea: Sakyejul Publishing Poland: Nasza Ksiegarnia Russia: AST Spanish: La Galera Turkey: Anatolia Lit  Ukraine: Zhorzh   Gorgeous, jewel-like illustrations from the fabulously talented Lydia Corry.    Fairytale fans who enjoy Rebel Girls-style empowerment will relish EIGHT PRINCESSES AND A MAGIC MIRROR, enriched by Lydia Corry's delicious pictures Guardian, Book of the Year   Around the world we find princesses who put kindness above power, as each story asks us to reflect on choices and convention New Statesman, Book of the Year   Tales of empowerment and bravery, with nuggets of wisdom for any little princesses who may need a boost to their own self-confidence Evening Echo

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To celebrate paperback publication of EIGHT PRINCESSES, on 7 March at 2.00 pm I will be at Seven Stories in Newcastle upon Tyne, running a workshop on Powerful Princesses - join me for an hour of storytelling, making up princesses, laughter and chat. Delighted to be visiting Bloemfontein Primary School and Holley Park Academy as well, to talk about reading and writing.  Visit for more information on the Seven Stories event. 

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