If you're not brave enough to talk to a stranger how do you think they will become anything more then a stranger?” ― Eden Griffith


“The girls thoroughly enjoyed Natasha’s visit to our school.  They found her presentations engaging and funny; with many commenting on how surprised they were to find that her books were influenced by real life experiences.  The writing workshops that she conducted with our students were a fantastic success.  All girls who were lucky enough to work with Natasha in some way have come away smiling, inspired and confident.”

St George's Ascot


“Natasha was one of the best authors we have had the pleasure of meeting.  She really engaged with the girls and had them enthralled, sharing her experiences of family life and explaining how these influenced her writing.  Her workshop encouraged them to expand their creative writing skills and they found it exciting to share their ideas especially, as one pupil said, ‘with a real author.’ “

Oxford High Junior School


“Natasha Farrant’s presentations and workshops were both entertaining and inspiring and ignited a genuine passion for reading and writing amongst the pupils lucky enough to take part in the event.   Students were emotionally engaged throughout the opening talk and then bubbled over with enthusiasm when given the opportunity to express their own creativity during the workshop; they were still buzzing about it days later!”

St Marylebone CE School


Speaking to young people about writing and books is one of the most exciting parts of my job as a writer.  My events can take the form of a talk, a workshop, or both.




Find out more here about my talk on Jane Austen, her world and the experience of bringing it to life again through writing LYDIA.


I also give a more general talk  about writing and the themes linking my books - knowing who you are, standing up for what you believe in. Find out more by clicking here.




Students are divided into groups and guided through communal and individual writing exercises. By the end of the session, they can expect to have the beginnings of a story to work on in their own time, while the session itself will encourage them to work together, to negotiate with each other and to build confidence through sharing their creative ideas with others.

The format of all events can be adapted to the time available and to the ages of the participants


Please contact me at natasha@natashafarrant.com or via my publicist for further details.  Copies of my books should be available for sale at the events. Fees negotiable, but in line with Society of Authors guidelines.